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Full moon make this night
Love will heal the wound
The glowing light
Will set things right, it’s alright

Full moon wait in vain
Love for sure, come with rain
Rain for sure will make it right, it’s alright

It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright

Dark sky, rinse me with rain and I’ll cry
Love tears, blurring my sight, it’s alright
Filled up and want to be empty, rinse me, it’s alright

~Hird - Keep You Kimi 


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[ The Amazing- Dragon ]

Lately I noticed how things got fallen
Bladders of rain… wood of the same…
Think I read it somewhere
There is a time inbetween
Here’s an image of
Raging flesh of my mind and a psychotic parade

September lay dying
Things turn brighter around here
Come on, come along

And here’s a chair I think I could use
When dragon flames are alive because
And there is time inbetween
Bladders of rain… wood of the same…
Dragon flames

September lay dying
Things turn brighter around here
Don’t care about losses
September lay thy ear
Come on, come along



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i looked at my reflection in the water
thought what an unlikely pair
closed my eyes, held my breath, plummeted down,down,down
and anchored myself there

can’t tell how long I’ve been
in the company of gills and tails
i think i feel my skin
growing scales

can i come up for air
can i come up, can come up

i’m gettin’ eaten up down here

i’m just not built like them
the big fish have a monopoly
the little fish get buried in the sand

this here world i’m in
sucks your life out, leaves you comatose
take back your salt and fins
send me a lifeboat

i look up with longing at the surface

hypnotized by the way the sunlight seems to ride each ripple
and they do a dance
every ray becomes a beckoning hand
i miss the sweet taste of oxygen
i mistook this for the promised land. 

~ Amel Larrieux - Gills And Tails 


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Has it been a day or a week?
As my eyes begin to close I am walking in my sleep
Living in a state in-between, do the signs begin to show?
See the eyes there in the dark as they glow, as they glow

Something is about to be born

There’s a restlessness in me, keeps me up until the dawn

There is no silence, I will keep following the sirens
There is no silence, I will keep following the sirens

These dreams under my pillow
In the twilight of these white nights
These dreams under my pillow
In the bright lights of these white nights

~ Oh Land - White Nights 


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About Mind, About Peace and About Order.


There is a story at my fingertips: of elevation and overcoming, for the desire of silence, for the silence of self-doubt and for livening of order. I present a scientific approach which I feel tackles the subject better than the personal moral stories I am fond of dishing out, pardon my romanticism- I am what I am.


The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of an isolated system never decreases, because isolated systems always evolve toward thermodynamic equilibrium, a state with maximum entropy.

Entropy is a measure of disorder in the universe or of the availability of the energy in a system to do work. It is also defined as a measure of a system’s thermal energy per unit temperature that is unavailable for doing useful work. Heat and work are both forms of energy. They are also related forms, in that one can be transformed into the other.

CLAUSIUS STATEMENT- “Heat can never pass from a colder to a warmer body without some other change, connected therewith, occurring at the same time.”

Heat cannot spontaneously flow from cold regions to hot regions without external work being performed on the system

Work must be done to keep the entropy of the system low.

Take your mind as an example. Left to itself, your mind will increase in entropy that is get messier, foggier and slower if no work (cleaning up, feeding and stepping up to challenges etc.) is done to restrain disorder.

Where is your inner fire I ask and does it still ignite your heat? Did you put in the work when you went cold to get your heat flowing? What is your heat doing for you lately? What do you earn from your work?

This all sums up quite nicely, there is a single proven way with which to maintain order, it is putting in continuous energy or work in to the system.

Peace always, Naleli.


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Nobody walks;

The limbs are rigid at the joints.

Nobody walks;

The soul sees no point.

Nobody walks;

Remnants of yesterday are scattered all over the room,

The room where shadows are cast on the ones committed to gloom.

Nobody walks;

It is slippery and wet,

The slightest movement leads to a slip leads to a slide leads to a slip inside an aching heart much too soon.

Nobody walks but everybody stands.

Everybody ensnared by the weight in their hands.

The winds hurling pebbles against rebels leave the immobile behind;

The ones in a limbo-place for spirits unmoved,

The ones no redeemer can find.

When sunshine is dimming,

Warm rays are a thing for coming days,

Stagnation is alluring,

And So nobody walks.         -Naleli

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 Someday Soon ~ KT Tunstall

I think it’s time to put myself away
Seek out a little silence
Close the doors and sit a while
Walk a little

And as I put my words away
The flow slows
See this pen in a stream
Picking it up is easy.


Even though I know my way around
Possibly there’s something that I found
Holdin on for findin’ solid ground
Someday soon, someday soon

Gonna turn myself into the grass
And I’ll grow
Take this space above my head
And live a little, little

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