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About the twenties!

Goddammit the twenties are incredible!

It is like time is perpetually recyclable. Most times it is like there’s no doing right, only there is and if you learn well from your missteps you are better off than the fretful wimp who did not even try. It is a time for doing, and space allows for an infinite amount of attempts. The combination state of blind pleasure-seeking and coming-of-age is dangerous: you’re either winning or slipping (or is it sleeping?). Your dreams burn you in the night and your obligations shove you in the day. Ever in the exploration of eternal love affairs! It is a play engaging heart, blood, mind, tears; a production where we’re all just scrambling to make our performance the best there is so that when the “show” is done we get a curtain call.


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Robert Glasper Experiment ft. Common & Patrick Stump
I Stand Alone


Robert Glasper ft. Common & Patrick Stump - I Stand Alone (from the album “Black Radio 2”)

"The irresistible appeal of Black individuality - where has all of that gone?

The very people who blazed our path to self-expression and pioneered a resolutely distinct and individual voice have too often succumbed to mind-numbing sameness and been seduced by simply repeating what we hear, what somebody else said or thought and not digging deep to learn what we think or what we feel, or what we believe

Now it is true that the genius of African culture is surely its repetition, but the key to such repetition was that new elements were added each go-round. Every round goes higher and higher. Something fresh popped off the page or jumped from a rhythym that had been recycled through the imagination of a writer or a musician. Each new installation bore the imprint of our unquenchable thirst to say something of our own, in our own way, in our own voice as best we could. The trends of the times be damned

Thank God we’ve still got musicians and thinkers whose obsession with excellence and whose hunger for greatness remind us that we should all be unsatisfied with mimicking the popular, rather than mining the fertile veins of creativity that God placed deep inside each of us”

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You are starting to fade away and the image made by mind doesn’t quite match your beauty.

I used to read you along the bulges of my veins; your words tied to the red of my blood but lately I am bruised and bluish from the blow of you eluding me.

In the early mornings when the sky is darkest my heart is the lightest and I slip into visions of your presence being eternal.


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See the piles of dirt deposit as they cut their nails!

Their hands didn’t seem heavy when they were taking from our fathers. And now we run away from home to get some piece of foreign peach, while our gardens overflow with fruitful sweetness. Rats are courteous enough to wait for leftovers; these cats snatch our food as we chew it. What’s this curse befalling us that we must collapse and flee at the same time; that our homes are raided by the same figures selected to guard us? You’ll never catch us using these mountain ‘heights’ for a good beyond ourselves. Because our platforms have long been raided, our humanity avidly negated and our voices muted lest we be exterminated. Home is a repository of helplessness.

See us: ever in a rush to cross borders! -Naleli

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